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Home Economics Teacher

According to, home economics instructors who teach at the college level are earning a mediocre average annual salary of $68,080 - but the top 10% earn a stellar $110,650. These professionals have the job of teaching courses in childcare, family relations, finance, nutrition, and related subjects pertaining to home management.

They may also work at the high school and middle school levels, providing students with information about clothing design and interpersonal relationships. Home economics teachers assess student progress, conduct hands-on activities and supervise extracurricular activities. They may also work with colleagues and school administrators to meet educational mandates and address discipline issues.

California is the best-paying state for post-secondary home economics teachers.

This job, however, does require at least a bachelor's degree and possibly a graduate degree and a teaching credential, depending on where you are employed.

In addition to expertise in the field of study, home economics teachers should have good organizational and time management skills. The ability to make successful presentations in front of groups is also required.

This position is available in all states at most colleges and high schools.

To apply for this job, contact your local school system, or visit: