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$100K+ Management Job Positions at Apple

Apple Jobs

Apple, the most valuable tech company in the world, has several job positions that are paying more than $100,000 a year. These include positions as business managers, global supply managers, and procurement managers.

A Business Manager at an Apple Store is the catalyst for businesses to discover and leverage the power, ease, and flexibility of Apple solutions. You meet with customers on the sales floor, surrounded by Apple technology. In this job, you will lead and manage a team that’s passionate about delivering smart solutions and services to business customers. As a leader, you’re enriched by motivating your staff and developing strategies to build business for Apple and for our customers.

A Global Supply Manager is positioned at the interface between Apple’s product teams and the industries that supply core component technologies. In this job role, the individual is responsible for developing and executing sourcing strategies as well as recommending product innovations based on improving technology. The position requires an interest in market dynamics and competitive behavior, negotiation and pricing, manufacturing processes, and risk mitigation.

A Procurement Manager has to cultivate relationships in order to consult with business executives of assigned Business Teams to identify and understand current and future initiatives to support all aspects of Supplier relationships including Supplier selection, negotiation strategies, cost negotiations, contract negotiation & implementation and assurance of the quality of services received. In this job, you would have to act as thought leader and advisor to direct reports and senior level business managers to embed robust procurement processes and strategies to drive cost savings and sound metrics to manage Suppliers and ensure value for all goods & services purchased.

Positions are available in California and various other locations nationwide.

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