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Tyler Perry, the ultra successful playwright, filmmaker, and actor, is looking to hire talented singers and actors for his upcoming touring play of Tyler Perry’s Madea, On The Run. The estimated salary is at least $75,000 a year!

He is specifically seeking submissions of attractive African-American females, in their 20’s, and they must be powerful singers with a strong belt and range.

Interested ones should submit a self-tape of their singing ability, according to the following instructions:

Sing a gospel OR and R&B song – no more than sixty seconds; Slate in the beginning of your audition tape with the following: Name, Height, Phone Number or Agency/Manager, City where you currently reside; and include a full body shot (pan the camera from the top of your head to your feet and back up to your head.

If you submit using a smart phone or tablet, please turn the camera horizontally. They will accept a YouTube or Vimeo link of a current or past performance. If you have a headshot and resume, please include it in your submission.

All submissions must be sent to, and the subject line of the email should be as follows: Madea, On The Run Submission: YOUR NAME (in all capital letters).

The deadline is Friday, February 20, 2015. Only the top choices will be contacted for a callback audition!

Here's the synopsis of the play: Madea is in trouble with local authorities and is now on the run from the law. With no place to turn, she volunteers to move in with in with her friend Bam who is recovering from hip replacement surgery. Bam is so grateful that her friend Madea is putting her own life on hold in order to nurse Bam back to health. nknown to Bam however, Madea is only using the concerned friend gag as a way to hide out from the police.

Rehearsals begin on March 9, 2015 in Atlanta, GA

For more details, visit: