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$100K to $189K Senior Project Manager/ Program Manager Jobs at Microsoft

Microsoft, the world's largest software company, is hiring for several job positions paying between $100,000 and $189,000 a year. The positions include manager and supervisor positions offered by The Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS), The Xbox Devices Team, and the The Microsoft Consumer Data & Analytics (CDnA) Group.

The Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) team is looking to hire Services Project Managers (PjM) who will be responsible for engagement execution within a formal Statement of Work (SOW) to drive predictable behaviors in terms of project process and outcomes (accomplished on time, on budget, and according to customer specifications). This job role involves being responsible for project delivery quality, profitability and customer satisfaction, among other metrics. He/she works closely with internal and external stakeholders, such as the Engagement Manager and Customer Project Manager.

The Xbox Devices Team is looking for an experienced Senior Technical Program Manager who has a proven track record of leading multi-disciplinary teams in the development of innovative devices. In this job, you are responsible for leading a cross-functional engineering team of Electrical, Mechanical, Audio, Optical, Firmware, Test, Operations, etc. from initial concept to production. At the same time, you are challenged to meet program goals for product performance, quality, safety/compliance regulatory requirements, product cost, schedule, and development budget. You are also responsible for coordination with Product Planning, Marketing, Usability Specialists, Manufacturing, Reliability, Quality, and Engineering to define the product, solidify the business case, and author the product specifications.

The Microsoft Consumer Data & Analytics (CDnA) Group is hiring for a Senior Program Manager to partner with ASG Data Mining. In this job position, the senior program manager will plan, deliver, and track various features to improve the reporting platform built upon our custom, Big Data (Cosmos) based data pipelines and drive E2E data solutions for Office and Bing. This team provides a central data management capability for the company, working in partnership with world-class engineering talent in the Microsoft product groups to deliver a portfolio of Big Data assets for key products such as Bing, MSN, Windows and Office. Additionally, the group provides a deep-level Data Sciences capability to help both marketing and engineering groups extract valuable insights from this data.

Positions available in Virginia, Washington, and California.

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