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5 Federal Government Jobs With Six Figure Salaries -- Plus Benefits and More!

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The U.S. federal government is one of the biggest employers in the country. The types of jobs available from the government vary greatly, as well as the locations, benefits, and the salary ranges. But many people don't know that a lot of the jobs offer six figure salaries with great benefits. Here are 5 of them:

#1 - Assistant General Counsel for the FDIC: This job involves the supervision and management of four groups. Three of the groups consist of teams of attorneys, paralegals and legal technicians in the planning and execution of all aspects of labor relations, employee relations, and personnel and employment law. Some of this staff is located in the various regional offices. The fourth group is responsible for all administrative and personnel matters within the Legal Division. Salary range is $197,356 to $262,500 a year.

#2 - Director, Office of Civil Rights at the Dept of Commerce: This job requires an energetic, innovative senior executive or high-level manager who will enjoy working in a dynamic and mission driven organization as Director, Office of Civil Rights. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated experience applying forward-thinking leadership in promoting and implementing a vision that fosters organizational excellence. Salary range is $121,956 to $183,300 a year.

#3 - Program Director, Office of International Patent Cooperation: This job requires providing a single point of oversight and leadership for the many complex and cross-cutting international initiatives in an effort to advance international technical cooperation among intellectual property (IP) offices and global stakeholders. The Program Director serves as a technical and managerial expert in the initiation and implementation of international information technology and examination-related worksharing projects. Salary range is $121,956 to $183,300 a year.

#4 - Experienced Health Economist at the Legislative Branch: This job requires contributing to the full range of the division's responsibilities, which include preparing CBO reports and testimonies, designing and producing state-of-the-art analytical studies that underlie those CBO products, and constructing and improving the associated analytic models. The incumbent will serve as a team leader for some projects, guiding more junior analysts, and as a contributing analyst for other projects. Salary range is $120,000 to $155,000 a year.

#5 - Chief Operating Officer at the Dept of Agriculture: This job involves serving as chief advisor to the Administrator and Deputy Administrator and provides broad executive level management, leadership, and oversight over all program areas in the Agency with a focus on improving performance, day-to-day coordination and liaison activities, management controls, communication, and efficiency of operations within the Agency and with external partners. Salary range is $168,671 to $175,967 a year.

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