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Police officers

The cities of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Burlington, Vermont and others are hiring police officers, and their job opportunities can lead to salaries of up to $100K a year plus great benefits. True, many of the jobs start of at salaries around $40K to $50K, but within 5 years, your salary can literally double.

Why should you consider a career as a Police Officer? Aside from the benefits and stability that surpass what many industries are providing today, the police profession offers a variety of work assignments, and unlimited growth opportunities. This is a career that doesn't tie you to a desk; in fact it allows you to be part of the community, meeting people and resolving real world problems.

Every Police Executive started as a Police Officer and Police Officers develop expertise in everything from computers to community organization. With over 300 Specialized Units, there are no glass ceilings or dead ends. You can go as far as your willingness and determination will take you. Many of our officers become specialists in Aviation, Highway Patrol, Emergency Services, Crime Scene Analysis, Criminal Investigations, Drug Enforcement, Detective Bureau and much more. The skills you’ll learn, the growth you'll experience and the benefits you'll earn will truly last a lifetime.

You can even work your way up to being a police chief, which comes with a big commitment to promoting public safety through fair, accountable, and effective policing and a track record of customer service, professionalism, integrity and striving for the highest ideals of public service and personal conduct. It is imperative that this individual is able to manage emergency situations and build credibility and infuse accountability and respect within the Department by being fair, equitable, and willing and able to listen to staff, coworkers, and diverse community voices.

An ideal police chief candidate will have a demonstrated history of innovative strategic planning, visionary thinking, and problem solving skills in the execution of state of the art police operations / community policing, enforcement practices, and staff development. An ideal candidate would also be familiar with the utilization of current technology to obtain and analyze crime and other data for deployment and decision-making in a police-related environment.

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